The Best Way
To Stay Happy.


OLIBANANA offers the latest creation of milk tea, shakes and infusion drinks.

Served with fancy decoration and chilled on ice. All come with a lot of fun and freshness – the best way to stay happy!


Caramel Milk Tea
Finest taste of caramelized syrup that will soothe your thirst with non-dairy creamer, caramel syrup, black tea, black tapioca.
Chocolate Milk Tea
An all time favourite, chocolate powder in non-dairy creamer, black tea & tapioca pearls, best for those with a sweet tooth.
Wintermelon Milk Tea
Fruity winter melon flavor great for hot balmy days, Jasmine green tea, winter melon syrup, non-dairy creamer & tapioca pearls.
Banana Milk Tea
This is the Olibanana's signature milk tea made with freshly picked bananas in flavorful black tea, non-dairy creamer and top with tapioca pearls.
Blueberry Milk Tea
A Fruity, silky and sweet blend of Blueberry Milk tea, made with black Assam powder, blueberry syrup, non-dairy creamer and black pearls.
Hazelnut Milk Tea
Combination of rich chocolate and Nutella nuts blended all together, comes with hazelnut syrup, black tea, non-dairy creamer and tapioca pearls.
Matcha Milk Tea
Beat the heat and sip on this refreshingly sweet milk tea, made with Jasmine green tea, matcha powder, non-dairy creamer and tapioca pearls.
Oreo Milk Tea
Enjoy bits of crunchy crushed Oreo cookies in black tea, non-dairy creamer and tapioca pearls.
Tiramisu Milk Tea
The best of Italian coffee-flavored dessert served in creamy milk tea in tiramisu syrup, black tea, non-dairy creamer and tapioca pearls.
Strawberry Milk Tea
Quench your thirst with refreshing fruity flavor of strawberry milk tea using black tea, strawberry syrup, non-dairy creamer top with chewy tapioca pearls.


  • Banana Milktea 120
  • Caramel Milktea 120
  • Matcha Milktea 120
  • Okinawa Milktea 120
  • Taro Milktea 120
  • Wintermelon Milktea 120
  • Thai Milktea 110
  • Vanilla Milktea 110


  • Banana 95
  • Caramel 95
  • Chocolate 95
  • Cookies and Cream 95
  • Mango 95
  • Strawberry 95
  • Ube 95
  • Vanilla 95


Hello, my name is Yann Waechter and I am the inventor of OLIBANANA. I am a teenager with a passion for exciting new drinks. I came up with the idea because of a school project in which we had to invent products and give them a brand. I named it OLIBANANA because I think it is a name that stands for fun, excitement and it includes the ingredient of one of my favourite drinks. Hope you like it as much as I do!

What I am trying to achieve with OLIBANANA is to bring happiness for everybody that sips and drinks one of the exciting creations. I think everybody deserves a happy life.

Hope you enjoy watching the website and maybe at one time you visit us in Plaridel and try one of our delicious OLIBANANA drinks.


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